UTE Highflier Club

Thinking ‘out-of-the-box’ has always been at the core of UnTechEd. The Highfliers Club for students was launched as a by-product of one such idea. Through this club, UnTechEd extends several benefits to the students interested in pursuing their higher studies at an international university or institution. We facilitate our premium club members in multiple ways, and hold their hands all throughout the journey.

Summer Programs

Universities and institutions worldwide receive millions of applications from students every year. This often leads to fierce competition among applicants to prove themselves. Institutions and universities also look for students who outshine their counterparts by building a comprehensive, all-round portfolio. In this regard, summer programs offer a great profile-building opportunity and a learning experience simultaneously to high school students. We, at UnTechEd, help students from our partner schools leverage this opportunity in the best possible manner.

Faculty & Student Exchange

Faculty Exchange encourages participants to teach and research in an overseas environment. While students benefit from new teaching styles, faculties can also exchange ideas and learn to teach in a different environment to a new set of students. Such mutually beneficial learning opportunities foster interaction between schools and also lead to fruitful results in the long-term.

Good things begin where your comfort zone ends. Likewise, your students may be the best performers within your institution. Let them fly high in a different country for a new experience with useful Student Exchange Programmes. UnTechEd helps your students take advantage of a diverse faculty and a global curriculum in a new learning environment in a new country.

With many renowned international institutions featuring on our coveted partners’ list, UnTechEd can let your students indulge in customised and enriching student exchange programs.

Partial Program Delivery in Sub-Continent

Our partner schools in India can leverage our tie-ups with international institutions and universities. In this manner, schools in the subcontinent can invite reputed International names to conduct in-campus events within the school premises and help their students benefit from such events. Such events build the awareness of students and instill in them a desire to explore international opportunities for higher education as well.

UTE Hub Establishments

UnTechEd builds its 24 X 7 presence at its partner school’s campus through a unique growth model named UTE Hub. Through this model, we work for your school at your school’s campus at our cost.

Below are some exclusive benefits of UTE Hubs for our partners:

  • Global brand building through suggestions for International Collaboration, Student Engagement, activities, and in-campus events.
  • Identification of scope for funding and student scholarships and other financial benefits.
  • Mutually beneficial opportunities for faculty exchange
  • Leverage UnTechEd’s collaboration with 130+ international institutions to explore student exchange opportunities
  • Investigate the possibility of organizing International events on campus