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Welcome to Unteched Academic Expedition, a transformative journey designed to bridge gaps and foster collaborations between educational institutions globally. This page provides insights into the purpose, vision, and mission that drive our academic expeditions.

“Through Unteched Academic Expeditions, we aim to build bridges that connect universities globally, fostering a culture of collaboration, innovation, and mutual growth.”
Ms. Sultana Khan, Founder of UnTechEd


At UnTechEd, we believe in the power of global collaboration in education. Our expeditions are meticulously crafted to serve as platforms for universities from diverse cultures to come together, share knowledge, explore opportunities, and form enduring partnerships.

The purpose of UnTechEd Academic Expeditions is to:

Create an environment that encourages universities to collaborate on academic programs, research initiatives, and cultural exchanges.

Embrace the diversity of educational systems, fostering cross-cultural understanding and enriching the academic experiences of students and faculty.

Inspire universities to innovate in their teaching methodologies, research endeavors, and internationalization strategies.

Establish connections that go beyond the expeditions, nurturing long-term relationships between institutions for mutual growth.


Create Opportunities

Open doors to diverse opportunities for academic institutions, faculty, and students through international collaborations.

Inspire Excellence

Encourage universities to strive for excellence in education, research, and global engagement.

Cultivate Global Leaders

Contribute to the development of global citizens and leaders who can navigate the complexities of an interconnected world.


UnTechEd’s mission is to be the catalyst for positive change in the landscape of higher education. Our academic expeditions aim to:

Facilitate Learning Journeys

Provide a platform for universities to embark on educational journeys that transcend geographical boundaries.

Promote Inclusivity

Ensure that universities from various regions and backgrounds have equal opportunities to engage in collaborative initiatives.

Drive Impactful Partnerships

Facilitate the formation of partnerships that result in tangible outcomes, such as joint research projects, student exchange programs, and innovative academic initiatives.

Support Sustainable Growth

Contribute to the sustainable growth and development of participating institutions by fostering an environment of mutual support and knowledge exchange.

Completed Expeditions:

Explore our past expeditions through videos and testimonials showcasing the impactful collaborations and experiences shared by participating universities.

21st till 25th January 2024

Hanoi, Vietnam

3rd to 7th March 2024


28th April till 3rd May 2024


Upcoming Expeditions:

Stay tuned for information on our upcoming expeditions, where new opportunities for collaboration and growth await.

July 2024 | Thailand

August 2024 | Russia

September 2024 | Turkey

September 2024 | Switzerland

Join us on this incredible journey of exploration, collaboration, and growth. Together, let’s redefine the future of education on a global scale through Unteched Academic Expeditions.