Who We Are?

Incorporated in 2022, UnTechEd introduces itself as a multi-dimensional, professional marketing services company that caters to all the unique requirements of an educational institution (be it international or domestic) through a unique network of UTE hubs present within the campus of the university or institution. We customise our solutions to fulfil your specific needs, and also ensure the formulation of a futureoriented growth strategy for your institution.

Vision & Mission


“Vision without execution is delusion.”

We, at UnTechEd, value our vision and hold the highest regard for your vision as well. Our vision is the guiding light of our lives that guides us through thick and thin.
We believe in:
Creating The Value That Matters…
  • For Ourselves
  • For Those Who Collaborate With Us
  • For the Good of Humanity
Our vision is not for the sake of it, but to help us help our clients achieve what they want. We take steps in the right direction to fulfil our vision every day without fail.

‘Perfecting the art of becoming perfect every day’.

No one is perfect, right? So how can we say that we are the ‘perfect fit’ for your institution? But, UnTechEd, as a service provider, definitely believes in becoming a better version of itself with every new day. We inch towards perfection little by little with every step we take and with every action we take.

Team UnTechEd

People Call It a Team. We Call It a Family. The Hands That Come Together To Form UnTechEd

Sultana Khan


Prof. David O Faulkner

President (IAQC)

Anant Nepalia

Vice President

Why UnTechEd?

We know you won’t choose to shake hands with us unless we give you reasons to do so. With years of hard work, we have carved a niche for ourselves in certain areas. Choose your area, and get in touch:

  • 15+ years of experience in International Student Recruitment
  • Builds and maximises your brand’s visibility in the sub-continent
  • Dedicated support required for student recruitment activities
  • Opportunities for International universities and institutions to collaborate with domestic universities and institutions in the sub-continent
  • Fostering international collaboration opportunities for domestic universities and institutions
  • Expands horizons for International universities through an exclusive channel of tie-ups in the subcontinent and South-east Asia
  • Assurance of Quality in Student Applications from non-risk regions of the sub-continent
  • Possible delivery of online programmes as well for students