the Expedition

UnTechEd Exclusive Expeditions is a unique activity exclusively created by UnTechEd to foster the internationalization and student recruitment activities for international universities in India, Nepal and Sri Lanka. These expeditions are designed to facilitate personalized meetings between host and participating universities, schools, campus visits, and transparent discussions to identify expectations and collaboration opportunities. Our expeditions are result-oriented, saving time by directly connecting with the right universities and schools. UnTechEd will take care of the whole arrangement in India, Nepal, and Sri Lanka.


These expeditions are curated to initiate introductions between international universities and domestic universities, schools, and partners, creating pathways for fruitful collaborations.

Successful Events

We launched this initiative in 2024 and have successfully completed expeditions in Vietnam, Malaysia, and Dubai. Our success measures include participation from 27+ Indian universities and the initiation of 30+ successful activities during these expeditions.

Agenda for Visiting Institutions:

Our expeditions are designed with a variety of goals in mind, including but not limited to the following:

Collaboration Opportunities
with visiting Institutions 

During their visit, the delegation will focus on key areas of collaboration:

International Collaboration:

Explore academic and research collaboration opportunities.

Faculty and Student Exchange:

Promote professional development initiatives for faculty members.

Semester Abroad:

Initiate discussions on programs allowing Indian students to spend a semester abroad or gain admission as lateral entry credit transfer students.

Faculty Development and Training Programs:

Facilitate programs encouraging the exchange of faculty members and students.

Collaborative Research:

Identify research areas of mutual interest for collaborative projects.

Joint International Conference:

Provide a platform for scholars to share insights, present papers, and engage in meaningful discussions.

Short-Term Student Cultural Exchange Study Tour/Immersion Program:

Invite Indian students for short-term academic experiences.

International Internship:

Create pathways for students to access internship opportunities, enhancing practical skills and providing exposure to real-world industry scenarios.

How Is It Unique:


from Ms. Sultana Khan Founder & CEO of UnTechEd

Coming from a university background, I understand how complicated it can be to plan meetings and ensure comprehensive coverage of collaboration, branding, and recruitment opportunities. Through these personalized expeditions, we take care of everything for international universities, ensuring that all areas are covered and the visit is fully optimized.

Completed Expeditions:

Explore our past expeditions through videos and testimonials showcasing the impactful collaborations and experiences shared by participating universities.

28th May till 1st June


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