IAQC Introduction

Program Details

3 nights 4 days

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

5 – 8 July’ 23

Who Should Opt for The Program?

  • Universities or Institutions aspiring to improve their global rankings
  • Universities or Institutions with a national repute planning to expand horizons beyond country to sub-continent
  • Universities or Institutions looking to a global composition of students for their academic programs
  • Regional/National universities or institutions aspiring to go global

Workshop Agenda

is a unique opportunity for educators, administrators, and other senior stakeholders in higher education to gain a comprehensive understanding of the complex world of university rankings. The workshop is designed to be interactive and engaging, providing participants with hands-on experience of the various metrics and methodologies used by different ranking systems.

Through this workshop, participants will gain a deeper insight into the different ranking systems and how they are used to evaluate the performance of universities across the globe. This includes understanding the different metrics that are used to evaluate research, teaching, and other key areas of university performance. The workshop also delves into the various methodologies that are used to calculate rankings and explores the limitations and strengths of each system.

Attendees will have the opportunity to participate in an interactive exercise that over the next two days will enable them to identify and focus on the areas that are relevant to their institutional requirements.

They will also have the chance to engage in discussions about how rankings can be used to improve the quality of higher education and how they can be misinterpreted or misused.

is a follow-up workshop session and based on your inputs produced in the previous session, this will personalise your learning experience. The idea is to help universities and institutions to assess their individual potential for global recognition. The workshop is designed to provide participants to identify a framework for evaluating their institution’s current standing and identifying areas for improvement. Through interactive sessions, participants will gain an understanding of the criteria used by various ranking systems and learn how to develop strategies to improve their institution’s performance in key areas.

The workshop also explores the importance of branding and marketing in achieving global recognition, and participants will learn how to develop effective communication strategies to promote their institution’s achievements and strengths to a global audience. Additionally, the workshop provides insights into international accreditation and quality assurance frameworks, which are essential for building trust and credibility with stakeholders and partners around the world. Participants will gain a deeper understanding of the complex and competitive world of global higher education. They will develop an individual roadmap for enhancing their institution’s global reputation and competitiveness, and they will gain valuable insights into the best practices and strategies used by leading universities and institutions around the world. Ultimately, this workshop is an essential first step for any institution looking to achieve global recognition and enhance its impact and reach on a global scale and identify the need to engage with IAQC.
is the closing workshop that is designed to identify individuals with relevant strategies they need to achieve academic excellence. The workshop will also be the space for reflection on the learnings from the previous workshops, interactions and facility tours.

Program Leader

Emeritus Professor David Faulkner
(Co-Founder and Former Director of MBA at
the University of Oxford )

Emeritus Professor
David Faulkner

President Excellence in Education (IAQC)

Program Structure

Onsite visit

to a global private or public university with academic excellence and demonstration of remarkable growth on global ranking leagues.

Understanding the framework

adopted by those universities


of facilities present in the university or institution

Meet the team

behind journey of excellence Workshop to benchmark the university or institution’s standings against different parameters

Identification of gaps

and areas of improvement for your institution