Summer Programs

A break from the routine study schedule and an opportunity to explore your aptitude and cultivate an achiever’s mindset – this is exactly what a comprehensive summer programme for students includes. With 130+ international institutions as partners, UnTechEd has an interesting array of options in terms of countries, institutions and programs to choose from.

School Seminars

A seminar is a forum that gives students an opportunity to learn from industry veterans and subject matter experts who share their pearls of wisdom with students. This helps students get involved in knowledgeable discussions, instils confidence, enhance their knowledge and skills and enables active engagement.

Be a Guest Faculty

Whatever we share multiplies – become a guest faculty at an institution of your choice to multiply your knowledge and win the accolades you deserve. Teaching new students in a new environment is also a challenging opportunity a teacher must grab once a lifetime.

Introduce your Skill certificate to our students

Be it a certifying body, a training institute, or a wellknown learning academy, UnTechEd urges you all to introduce your value-adding skill certificates to the students of our partner institutions. A new skill certificate helps students stand out amidst the herd and empowers them to the core

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